[FAQ ID: 81]Why I can not connect to Internet after connecting TP-LINK wireless router into my network (Recommended)?

Suitable for: روترهای بی سیم سری N با سرعت 300Mbps, روترهای بی سیم سری N با سرعت 150Mbps, روترهای بی سیم سری G با سرعت 54Mbps

Problem description:
Some times, you can connect to Internet by connecting your computer directly to the modem, but when you connect the router into your network, you can not connect to Internet. If you have this problem, please refer to the following steps:
Step 1 Check the LAN IP address of the router and the modem.
TP-LINK router use as their default LAN IP address, if both of the router and modem use, please change the LAN IP address of the router to another one, for example, they are not the same, you can ignore this step.
1. Open the web browser and type the IP address of the router (default is into the address bar and then Press Enter.
2. Type the username and password into the login page, the default username and password both are admin
3., Click Network->LAN, change the IP Address to another one (for example,, then click “Save”.

Note: after you change the LAN IP address, please use the new IP address to connect to the router and renew a new IP address for your computer.
Step 2 Change the WAN Connection Type to Dynamic IP.
Open Network->WAN page, and change the WAN Connection Type to Dynamic IP Address.

Wait for a few minutes, if it shows that the WAN port had received the IP address (shown as below), it means that the connection is OK now.

Step 3 Change the MTU size.
If the router still can not work after done the above steps, please change the MTU SIZE of the router from 1500 to l492 or much lower for a try.